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Excel 2010. This site is dedicated to helping you learn how to use Microsoft Excel 2010. To do that, I’ve created a comprehensive series of tutorials covering all aspects of the new version of Excel. All of the tutorials are written but I plan on making some freely available video tutorials too.

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May 17, 2010 · Hi, I have made an add-in that works well on Excel 2003 & Excel 2007. I have not checked whether it works on Excel 2010 or not. I heard from someone that the addin is currently in 32-bit (I dont know how to check this) and I'll need to convert it into 64-bit to run it efficiently.

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The present work presents an Excel/VBA model to calculate the equilibrium of components from a refrigeration installation. The main parameters to characterize equipments were calculated based on values presented in catalogues. For semi-hermetic compressors the global efficiency

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EES can read NIST REFPROP .FLD (fluid) files and thereby provide thermodynamic property data for these fluids in the same manner as for built-in fluids. Text in the Diagram Window can be displayed at a specified angle between -90 deg and 90 deg in the Professional version.

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Then, click the mouse in the first cell in the REFPROP table and select the Paste command. Using the Saturation Points (at equilibrium) Table Whether the independent properties are read from a file or entered manually, as soon as a valid input property has been entered, the table will calculate the remaining properties and display them in the ...

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University of Houston UIT Getting Your Software. Getting Your Software. There are two places for students, faculty and staff to get software:

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May 29, 2018 · PDF of document. Description This formulation is recommended for the calculation of thermodynamic properties of humid air, including equilibria with liquid water, or ice Ih, and seawater, in combination with the IAPWS Releases for fluid water, for ice Ih, and for seawater.

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Bei der Berechnung der Fluiddaten greift EBSILON (u. a.) auf Standardbibliotheken wie die Wasser-Dampf-Tafel, IAPWS-IF 97, REFProp (für organische Fluide) zurück. Der Nutzer hat die Möglichkeit, anhand von Funktionen, z. B. Polynomen, eigene Fluide zu definieren und diese in den Standardbauteilen zu verwenden. Neben benutzerdefinierten ...

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無料 refprop 無料 のダウンロード ソフトウェア UpdateStar - 1,746,000 認識 プログラム - 5,228,000 既知 バージョン - ソフトウェアニュース ホーム

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29 September 2015 at 05:10. Thanks Vishnu for this fix. Your second option is succeed for me. Ones again thanks. Reply. Järvinen mod. 23 June 2017 at 10:24.
Version9.1 REFPROP 9.1 has replaced the NIST 12 and 14 databases. Source code: The FORTRAN subroutines and associated fluid data files are provided for those wishing to access REFPROP calculations from their own applications; Excel spreadsheets: A sample spreadsheet is included that demonstrates how the REFPROP DLL can be linked to Excel.
Water97_v13.xla est une macro Excel qui fournit un ensemble de fonctions pour calculer les propriétés thermodynamiques et de transport de l'eau et de la vapeur en utilisant la norme IAPWS-IF97. Les fonctions disponibles permettent de calculer les propriétés suivantes dans l'état monophasique pour les températures 273,15 K < T < 1073,15 K ...
REFPROPưEXCEL REFPROP REFPROP "C:\ProgramFiles\REFPROP fluidDLL RPprefixC:\Program Files\REFPROP pathC:\Prog ram Files\REFPROP pathpath ;C:\ProgramFiles \REFPROP fluidmixturesrefprop.dll REFPROP.xla ...\Microsoft\AddInsok REFPROP.xlsAltF11vb PublicConst FluidsDirectory "fluids\"Public Const MixturesDirectory ƯC:\ProgramFiles\REFPROP\ Public Const FluidsDirectory "C:\ProgramFiles\REFPROP ...
REFPROP版本10的新功能. NIST REFPROP程序的大部分功能都已得到增强,包括图形界面,Excel电子表格,Fortran文件(即核心属性例程),C ++,MATLAB,VB等中的示例程序以及其他流体。下面列出了一些更重要的改进: 提高计算速度。

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REFPROP Documentation, Release 10.0 REFPROP is an acronym for REFerence fluid PROPerties. This program, developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), calculates the thermodynamic and transport properties of industrially important fluids and their mixtures.
APPENDIX H. REFPROP Tutorial with Application to Geothermal Binary Cycles. H.1 Introduction. H.2 Typical geothermal binary power cycle. H.3 REFPROP state-point properties. H.4 REFPROP as an Excel function Jan 01, 2008 · REFPROP: an application case The Expert Mode in Simulis® Thermodynamics introduces an interesting way to embed external codes. To demonstrate the power of this approach, it has been recently selected for instance to develop a link with REFPROP calculation library developed by the NIST (US Department of Commerce) for fluid properties.